Sportsman Pilot's Aviation Links

Following are web sites readers of Sportsman Pilot may enjoy browsing. Most are homebuilt kit manufactures, but others are manufacturers and/or suppliers of engines, props, airframe components, avionics, etc. Products and services of these companies frequently figure into articles in Sportsman Pilot, so you may want more information about them.


Experimental Aircraft Association
Aviation Unlimited Agency, Inc.
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty
Ellison Fluid Systems
Europa Aircraft
Garmin International
Gulf Coast Avionics
Hartzell Propeller
Jim Kimball Enterprises
Lancair International
The Ray Allen Company
Murphy Aircraft Mfg., Ltd
Mustang Aeronautics
Nemesis NXT (Jon & Tricia Sharp)
New Kolb Aircraft Co.
Pacific Aero Systems
Poly-Fiber Aircraft Coatings
Randolph Products
RANS, Inc.
Rotoway Helicopter
Scaled Composites (Burt Rutan)
Sensenich Propellers
Taylorcraft Club
Team Tango
Teledyne Mattituck Services
Textron Lycoming
Van's Aircraft, Inc.
Velocity Aircraft
Vision Micro Systems
Whirlwind Props
Wicks Aircraft Supply
Zenith Aircraft Co.
HCI Aviation
TruTrak Flight Systems
Osprey Aircraft
Cozy Aircraft
Pazmany Aircraft Corp.
Sonex, Ltd.
Buethe Enterprises, Inc.
Aerocomp, Inc.
Arnet Pereyra, Inc.
CGS Aviation
Alexander Sportair Workshops
Canada Air RV, Inc.
Loehle Aircraft
Aircraft Designs, Inc.
AkroTech Aviation, Inc.
Capella Aircraft Corp
Evans Aircraft
Fisher Flying Products
Great Airplanes, Inc.
Great Plains Aircraft
Herr Engineering Corp.
Leza Lockwood Corp.
Mirage Aircraft Corp.
Performance Aircraft
Quad City Ultralight Aircraft
Rand Robinson Engineering
Reflex Fiberglass Works
Renaissance Composites, Inc.
Stolp Starduster Corp.
Super Chipmunk
Titan Aircraft
Wag-Aero Group
Thor LLC